Fear is a strong emotion and one I feel often. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not doing enough, or being enough. I fear not being in control, I fear making wrong decisions that will affect me negatively. I fear dreaming too ambitiously, my doubts weighing me down and stopping me from trying new things.

I am normally one who overthinks and overanalyses every decision, every new venture or idea. I’m not much of a risk-taker, not bold enough to bravely and confidently take charge. I spend too long finding reasons why taking a chance would not be a good idea, thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

But what if I push those thoughts to the back of my mind? What if I take a risk, even though I don’t know what will happen?

By being overly cautious, I am letting life pass me by. When I listen to what my mind tells me, I stop myself from growing, from seeing what I am truly capable of. On the Cliffside I am safe, I am in my comfort zone. Down below is the unknown. When I think of what lies ahead, I am overcome by feelings of apprehension and doubt. But it is a mistake to use my past mishaps and failures to dictate the chances I take in the future.

Am I really living if I spend my life wishing to jump, wanting to jump, but frozen to the spot, letting opportunities or experiences pass me by? Is it not better to jump, and find my wings on the way down? There is a chance I could fail, there is a chance I could fall in a heap. But at least I tried. And who knows, there is also a chance I could succeed, there is a chance I could surprise myself. I might actually find out that I am capable of more than I believed. I could begin to live courageously and bravely. I might find my wings hidden, I might find that they were there all along, and all I had to do was take that chance to see what awaited me.

How about you? Are you afraid of jumping, or do you take a leap of faith? How does that work out for you?

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2 responses to “What if I jump first and find my wings later?”

  1. Marie McLean says:

    This is lovely, inspirational post.
    I’m a ‘jumper’. I throw myself into things without thinking too hard first, probably because I know I’ll talk myself out of them. And do you know what, there is still fear. I’m afraid of a whole lot of things related to the things I throw myself into. But a lot of good comes out of it too.
    So, you may as well take the leap and see where it takes you. Fear will always exist. Do it anyway! You never know what you’re capable of ?

    • suzifaed says:

      Thank you, Marie. Good on you – I’m sure having that approach has opened up many opportunities or experiences for you. Not letting your fear stop you is a great thing and I’m sure you find you grow more as a person by feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
      I am hoping I will perfect the art of ‘jumping’ without too much forethought – just need to tune out my overthinking brain and take the leap!
      Thanks again, I appreciate hearing your thoughts 🙂

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