Three magical qualities that the world needs more of.

Imagine for a moment the kind of world that has these three things in abundance.

A new strain has become widespread and no one is immune. It takes over communities, the worst hit being those that need it most.

This virus has such power that pretty soon it is a pandemic.

This triple threat seeps into even the hardest of hearts and travels through the bloodstream. There is no vaccine; once you have been struck there is no way to go back to the way you were.

A new world blossoms and slowly all the evil acts caused by man becomes a memory.

On a global scale, there is no more terrorism, no more senseless massacres or terrible acts of violence.

On a smaller scale, there are no more broken relationships caused by pent up and unresolved feelings. People have the ability to empathise with everybody.

Nobody is above anyone else and everybody lives in harmony.

In this new and improved world, hope replaces despair, hopelessness and doubt.

Love replaces hate and indifference.

Kindness replaces cruelty and inhumanity.

This virus was the best thing to happen to this world, for the world as we knew it was filled with unimaginable pain, caused by people who had lost their way.

What if hope, love and kindness were a virus and it became an epidemic?

This hypothetical question doesn’t have to be imaginary. On a global scale it is hard to control, but we can start small. It starts with me. It starts with you.

We can pay it forward, and together, we can dream that eventually all the horrible acts will stop and be replaced with hope, love and kindness.

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