This is an experience that everyone needs to have. I went for my first float after receiving a gift voucher. I am so thankful that I heard about this place through word of mouth and had the opportunity to try it. At first I was a little apprehensive about feeling claustrophobic, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be as enjoyable as it was.

Before I floated, I was escorted to my own private room, which was large and tastefully decorated. My host explained the process clearly, and provided some information about the float tank and the benefits of using one. When she left I showered, turned off the lights and hopped into the warm water. Music played for the first five minutes, beautiful calming music intended to help ease you into the experience.

At first I was nervous about being enclosed, so I left the lid open slightly. Initially it was a weird sensation being in darkness and gently bobbing about in the water. Once I had calmed down, I closed the lid, closed my eyes and slowed my breathing. Within minutes I was fully relaxed; the only sounds I could hear were my heartbeat and the gentle lapping of water when I moved my arms or legs.

Float for Freedom

The other reason that I was initially apprehensive was that I am normally an anxious person, my thoughts always racing and never giving me any peace. I thought an hour to do nothing but think would cause even more anxiety, especially because I had recently lost my Dad and had been overwhelmed with stress and sadness. But the amazing thing was, being in the float pod genuinely soothed me and released me from my overloaded emotions. It was such a tranquil and peaceful time, the most relaxed I had felt in a long while. For that glorious hour, I was able to switch off and enjoy the feeling of serenity.

When the music came on again, signalling the last five minutes, I really didn’t want to get out. I knew my racing thoughts were awaiting me and I didn’t want the calm feeling to end.

I left that place feeling rejuvenated. The thoughts that once plagued me eased up for a couple of days afterwards. Since then I have been recommending this place to anybody I meet. I have booked in for another float and have been told the experience will be even better the second time around.

There are so many incredible benefits to using a float pod. The most impressive for me are the mental health benefits you get. Anybody who suffers from mental health problems, whether it is depression, anxiety or anything else, I believe needs to give this a try.

Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

To visit their website and find out more, go to:

Odyssey Float Studio is located at 24B Victoria Street, BUNBURY, WA, 6230

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