On Thursday 16th January 2020 I finally launched my debut picture book about mental illness. I held the launch at the Bunbury City Library and was overwhelmed at the turn-out. I was extremely grateful to have the support of my family and friends and was thrilled to see some new faces in the crowd.

My heart was pounding as I stood in front of everybody. This book is deeply personal and so it was quite an emotional experience. But I was proud to be up there, sharing a part of myself, in the hope that I can help families who live with mental illness. It has been a long journey getting this book to publication but now that it is here, I would love to see it make its way around Australia and beyond. I strongly believe in this book. It’s what I needed when I was a child struggling to come to terms with and understand my Dad’s mental illness. You can read more about the inspiration behind the book here.

What next?

So, even though the launch is over, I am still focused on getting it out into the world. I have some talks lined up over the following months and my next step is to find organisations that I can approach to see if they will use this book as a resource.

Want to help me do that? If you have the book, leaving a review is a great way to help spread the word. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this book, tell them about it. Take a photo of the book ‘in the wild’ and share it on your social media platforms. Mental illness isn’t going away and many families and children feel alone and confused. This book can be a gentle resource to help ease their sense of isolation.

In the meantime, here is a montage of the photos from the day. Enjoy!

My Daddy is Different, launched on January 16th 2020 at the Bunbury Library

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