Every day, my mind fires ‘What If?’ questions at me. They bombard me, weaken me, cripple me with fear. They are the enemy; they know my weak spots. So they attack, they are fierce, strong and unrelenting.

But I am a What If Warrior. They know I’m also a Worrier. So they think they can win.

They feed on my worry, my anxiety, my stress. They use that to put these What If questions in my head. They try to control me and stop me from getting to where I want to be.

I can’t let them win. I won’t. I am better than them, better than what they make me believe.

So I put on my armour every day, and when the enemy of What Ifs approaches, I get ready to fight.

WHAT IF…you can’t win?

WHAT IF…you are not good enough?

WHAT IF…you fall?

They see my doubt, my hesitancy, my resignation in what cannot be controlled. They think they have me, they think they have won.

But I am a What If Warrior.

WHAT IF…I can win this fight?

WHAT IF…I am good enough?

WHAT IF…I get back up after I fall, over and over again?

Now they see my armour, my shield of strength, resilience, and my will to keep fighting and moving forward.

They cower. The What Ifs subside, getting quieter and losing their power.

Then they are gone. I smile. I can breathe again. I can get on with my day, and await new possibilities.

I am still here. Yesterday I won. Today I have won. Tomorrow will be no different.

Because I am a What If Warrior. The Worrier is still in me, but as long as I keep my armour intact, I think I’ll be fine.

I know there are other Warriors out there. Together let’s create an army. Together let’s keep these Worriers at bay.

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