Fighting Spirit

By Suzi Faed • Released 13 Dec 2018

My Daddy is Different - Cover and illustrations from the book

‘You know, if this is it, then I’m ready for Heaven. I’ve had a good life, have a wife and a beautiful family. I’ve known people who have been worse and they survived. So I’m not giving up. But I am a number now. When God sets His sights on someone, you can’t escape it.’

This is the life story of Mario Spinelli, who was born in Italy and migrated to Australia when he was ten years old. He lived simply; his story is not one of extraordinary adventures, rather, a life lived humbly, with faith and the will to fight. He suffered from many health issues over most of his adult life, both mental and physical, and they shaped him and his future irrevocably. But he continued to smile, fight, hope and believe. His unwavering love for his family was his reason for living, and even when faced with the toughest challenges, he continued to show his true fighting spirit.


Fighting Spirit is a lasting legacy to Mario’s life. It is just one ordinary man’s story but will resonate with many. Having battled two life-changing illnesses – mental illness and cancer – his bravery, positivity and faith can move us all and inspire us to never give up even when things seem hopeless. It is an authentic, honest and hopeful story of inner strength, learning to accept circumstances beyond our control and ultimately realising that there is always a reason to smile.

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