Last month I officially launched Fighting Spirit. It’s been a bit of a blur since then, which is why I’m only getting to writing about it now. Not long after the launch, we had our first proper family holiday in Sydney and Melbourne, and then I was preparing my baby to go to Kindy.

Now that her first day is over and I’ve dried my tears, I can distract myself by re-living my launch.

I have made a video of my speech and included a montage of photos. Many thanks to Jessica Mill Photography for recording my launch speech! The song I’ve used to complement the slideshow of photos is Martina McBride’s version of ‘Smile’. Those who knew my Dad would know why I chose to use this song. It sums up his attitude perfectly – his ability to smile through all the hard times. The way his whole face lit up when he smiled. His belief that life was still worthwhile even though it was filled with trials. It was like this song was written for him.

The video goes for eighteen minutes. Enough time to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy. Otherwise, if you want to skip sections that’s fine – we’re all busy people so brevity is key!

Here’s where the video and photos start:

My Launch Speech 00:00 – 8:28

A reading from Fighting Spirit 8:28 – 15:15

Photos of Launch 15:15 – 17:40

Photos of Dad and me 17:40 – 18:10

I think if Dad knew that his story was published, being shared with family and friends and hopefully further, he’d be pretty chuffed. This is all in honour of him and his amazing fighting spirit. May it live on forever.

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