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What if Memes • 20 September

Person sitting on cliff-face

What if I jump first and find my wings later?

Fear is a strong emotion and one I feel often. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not doing enough, or being enough. I fear not being in control, I fear making wrong decisions that will affect me negatively. I fear dreaming too ambitiously, my doubts weighing me down and stopping me from trying new things.

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What if Memes • 13 September

Ocean cliffs

What if I die without ever truly living?

This question has weighed on my mind throughout the years. Every now and then I get panicky, thinking I’m not doing enough, not living the way I want to be, not doing the things I want to do. But then the busyness of life takes over and those thoughts are pushed to the back of my mind. Chasing my dreams can wait.

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