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What if Memes • 27 September

Two masks laying in a field of flowers

What if we took off our masks and revealed our true selves?

I wonder how many of us put on a mask before we leave the safe walls of our house? How many of us close the door and leave our true self behind? Do we all, consciously or unconsciously, put on our mask as we get ready to face the world and prepare to become a different version of ourselves? Are we all just playing a part, our lives one big performance? Or are there people out there who are so confident in who they are that the only part they have to play is themselves?

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What if Memes • 20 September

Person sitting on cliff-face

What if I jump first and find my wings later?

Fear is a strong emotion and one I feel often. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not doing enough, or being enough. I fear not being in control, I fear making wrong decisions that will affect me negatively. I fear dreaming too ambitiously, my doubts weighing me down and stopping me from trying new things.

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What if Memes • 13 September

Ocean cliffs

What if I die without ever truly living?

This question has weighed on my mind throughout the years. Every now and then I get panicky, thinking I’m not doing enough, not living the way I want to be, not doing the things I want to do. But then the busyness of life takes over and those thoughts are pushed to the back of my mind. Chasing my dreams can wait.

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Thoughts • 16 July

Child with adult watching the sunset at beach

Children as teachers: 5 life-changing lessons for adults

Being an early childhood educator means I have spent many days in the company of little humans. Through interacting with multiple children and watching their unique personalities and qualities unfold, I was often reminded about how incredible they are.

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Thoughts • 10 April

Lady thinking

About What If Warrior

I am an over-thinker, a worrier, and manage to stress about anything and everything. That is why I have called this blog What If Warrior. Even though I am a worrier, I am also a warrior.

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