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Thoughts • 27 August

Dad and me standing in front of water

Grief is…

Grief is like the ocean; the end is out of sight. It’s riding the waves, over and over and over again. Sometimes you are prepared for them, but sometimes you don’t know they’re coming until they are breaking over your head.

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What if Memes • 22 August

Picture of child

What if I could meet with my inner child and tell her what she needed to hear?

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. In my mind I summon an image of myself as a child. My muscles relax. I open my eyes and see her sitting on the chair across from me. I smile and she flashes a toothy smile back at me.

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What if Memes • 27 June

Pink flowers against a blue sky

What if I stop second-guessing every single thing I say or do and just trust in my abilities?

A frustrating side effect of low self-esteem is the constant second-guessing. When you lack self-confidence, you spend a lot of time second-guessing everything.

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What if Memes • 13 December

Hand shaped love heart framing sun

What if I was comfortable in my own skin?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, why is it that I feel so small? I was a teenager when I used this well-known mantra to write my own version. Feeling comfortable in my own skin was a foreign concept to me. If only I had the ability to slither out of my too-tight skin and re-create myself into a better version.

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What if Memes • 28 November

Dogs running through water

What if I lived my life the way dogs lived theirs?

No, I’m not talking about sniffing people’s butts, or eating poo. I don’t mean I’d like to abandon my personal hygiene and eat kibbles every night for dinner. What I mean is, I don’t want to be a dog, but live like a dog. As well as brightening up our lives, they also provide many valuable lessons on how to live and love.

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What if Memes • 1 November

Large leave with heart shaped hole in the middle of it

What if I followed the voice in my heart…

Sometimes the voice in your heart and mind don’t always work in harmony. Your heart wants one thing but the voice in your mind fights against it.

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What if Memes • 25 October

Feet standing on tip toe in the rain

What if instead of always searching for the sunshine…

The weather is quite an appropriate metaphor for life. Sometimes life is like sunshine - it warms your soul, happiness radiates from you and your smile is bright. You feel like you could conquer the world. All is as it should be. The sky is clear and so is your mind.

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What if Memes • 18 October

Long stretch of road

What if I ignored the path others want me to go down…

Sometimes the path we travel is not necessarily the path we want to go down. Maybe we started down our own track, but then lost sight of where we were going. Our doubts trip us up; we stumble on other people’s expectations.

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What if Memes • 11 October

Silhouette of four people shaping their hands into the word, love.

What if hope, love and kindness were a virus and it became an epidemic?

Hope. Love. Kindness. Three magical qualities that the world needs more of. Imagine for a moment the kind of world that has these three things in abundance.

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What if Memes • 4 October

Book on its side with pages folded into shape of heart

What if the words in my heart remain unspoken?

How many times have the words on your heart been left unsaid? Did it leave you with an ache of disappointment? The regret hurts - knowing that you had your chance to speak but the words got caught on your tongue. The moment passed and then it was too late. Maybe you were left with a feeling of heaviness inside. Those words you swallowed now stuck, sitting heavy in your chest.

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